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What if I told you I wasn't always a Dog Person?

It took my Mother adopting Roxi - a female fawn Boxer - for my heart to open up and get rid of all the cob webs. Two years after Roxi's adoption, I started looking to rescue my own dog. One day while Mom and I were spending some quality Mother Daughter time, we ended up going to LAPS, an animal shelter in Langley, BC and finding, who was previously known as Mr. T, my Best Friend.

With Tucker being my first Dog of my own, he was a challenging Dog in the beginning. Regardless of a lot of unknowns, I adopted him at the age of 6 from the shelter and looking back, I'm forever grateful that I stood by his side through the challenging times. To say he has forced me to grow and learn would be an understatment and I owe it all to Tuck for the person and owner I have become today.

Today, you will find us, when not working our butts off, exploring our beautiful province of BC. Tucker thrives most when out in nature and it's just us. These last few years have been full of roadtrips and hiking adventures which led us to creating Outbound Canine Co.

While hiking in the backcountry, no matter how much I spent on gear for Tucker, it never stood up to the mountains and must I say, big dogs! That's exactly how our Specialty Long Lines and Multi-Functional Leashes were designed and born from.

All our travels aside, Tucker is not an easy dog to travel with. He is extremely reactive towards strange and unfamiliar dogs and appreciates his space at all times. The City is not our friend, which is why you will always find us exploring in the back country. In doing so, the places we have explored have been some of the most breathtaking places we wouldn't had found otherwise.

I know the struggles and the sweet little victories of owning and raising a reactive dog and that's why I want Outbound Canine Co. to continue being a safe space for like-minded dog owners. Tucker and I are dedicated to training and we proudly advocate for responsible dog ownership because Tucker is a dog that, for the rest of his life, will need management training. In return it will allow myself to provide him with positive experiences with both dogs and people.

I've learned a great deal from Tucker and how I repay him is by taking him on my travels and safely knowing how to do so. He has come such a long way from the first day he came home and we aren't stopping anytime soon.

- Kimberly & Tucker

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