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Every one of our Ambassadors was chosen for a reason. They're not just a bunch of pretty faces, but dogs with a purpose. Some are therapy dogs in training, growing Pups that are learning the world, some are dogs in training with some pretty special humans who have made it their life's mission to provide a safe and loving environment to a dog that did not have the best of upbringing, and most of all? Lots are amazing advocates for their breed.

The one thing all our Ambassadors have in common? Every one of them are adventure seekers. Whether their seeking trails by foot up into the mountains, paddleboarding or kayaking the oceans edge, off-roading while exploring new roads, or road tripping in their beautiful provinces or cities. Every weekend, every beautiful day, you will find these dogs and their families soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the outdoors.



Pitbull x Mastiff x Rotti

Outbound Canine's #1 fan, product tester, supporter, and the dog that made all this possible! Tucker joins in on every hike, sits shotgun on every roadtrip, explores the backroads to no ends, and is one heck of a mud junkie! He loves being out in the sunshine and rolling around in the grass like the puppy he is at heart.



Siberian Husky x Great Pyrenees

You want to know where Indy is truly herself? Her spirit comes alive when off-roading and surrounded by nature with her 2 humans. Once adopted from the Burnaby SPCA after being abandonded with her siblings in a dumpster, she became apart of an adventure filled family where she learned to love the trails, curling up next to the campfire, and got a taste for Doritos.



Bully Mix

Chai is a 3 year old rescue bully mix. She is probably the sassy-est lady you'll ever meet - full of personality! There is never a dull moment when Chai is in the room. She's a very friendly girl but doesn't always know how to express it in a calm manner, this is something we're currently working on. Chai enjoys a good snuggle on the couch on a rainy day and is always down for an adventure when the weather is right. If you give good butt scratches, you're certainly in her good books! You can catch us out exploring new trails, usually off the beaten path.


Zia & Vegas

Boxer // Sheltie

Zia’s favourite thing is to greet people with full body wiggles and if you're lucky, she will give you the biggest hug! When camping, Zia has no problem entertaining herself, but when it starts to get cold she will steal your chair to cuddle up next to the campfire! Than, when Keara's family dog had a litter of pups, she knew she had to keep Vegas, he was that special! Vegas spent his young years competing in dog shows, but was never a champion. He enjoys chasing waves on the beach, laying down in mud puddles and finding pinecones to play fetch with.




Is Rio the cuddliest queen of naps? Yes. But don’t let her predisposition for snoozing fool you. She will never turn down a good time! Exploring new trails, swimming in any available body of water, or chasing a frisbee down the beach? She’s your girl. Once back home, Rio will wait patiently for you to find somewhere to sit as she requires a lap to cuddle on. Even though she has no idea how big she is, her even bigger heart makes her snuggles totally irresistible!



Mini American Eskimo

Don't underestimate Berkley because of his size. He may be small, but he can fly up and down mountains at full speed and absolutely loves the Pacific Northwest. His owners always look forward to taking this vocal ball of energy on all their adventures and find it's one of the best ways to enrich all their lives. 



Australian Shepherd x Pyrenees

We are Kylo & Jess! And are SO excited to be repping Outbound Canine Co! I first began fostering Kylo as my fifth foster back in April of 2021 and immediately knew this was the pup for me! Since his gotcha day we have been working on building our relationship based on patience, trust & love and I am so proud of how far we’ve come. Kylo arrived a nervous & anxious pup and has grown into himself over the past year to being a much more confident & playful guy. We love to explore and adventure together and continue our never ending journey of training & living a fun life! 


Mila & Mater

German Shepherd x Husky // Pitt Mix

Some people call us the M&M’s but we’re mostly known for eating copious amounts of treats and exploring our local mountains and trails right here in beautiful British Columbia. It all started with Mila, being dog reactive we are challenged each day to find secret spots and explore back roads that people don’t usually go. It’s from her reactivity that brings out our adventurous sides and leads us to finding the best spots to explore. Then came along Mater, the happiest bully breed mix that quickly became our second addition that we wouldn’t trade for the world. Together, Mila and Mater make the best adventure dogs where they bring out the best in each other. Mila’s confidence when exploring a new place keeps Mater feeling safe as he follows her side. And Mater brings out Mila’s puppy side when he chases her around. 


Perogie & Truffle

APBT x Mastiff x Staffordshire x Rottweiler  Mix // Terrier Mutt

Find us somewhere off the main path, happy, muddy and living our best lives. Perogie and Truffle are quite the pair and have endless energy. We love getting lost in our forests, swimming in the rivers and lakes (Truffle not quite yet) and adventuring to find new hidden spots. Having a reactive dog like Perogie has taught me that small successes are big deals and that patience really is a virtue. Truffle keeps up to her big sister with ease and her little self contains a lot of personality. At night, you can find the 3 of us cuddling on the couch. We are proud to represent a community that accepts all kinds of dogs and makes gear that can keep up with them!



Belgian Mailnois x Border Collie

Kilo is a Belgian Malinois x Border Collie, which means, yes… he is FULL of energy. We are from a small town in Ontario called Listowel and there is so much to explore around us! We spend as much time as we can outside enjoying nature and all it has to offer. When we aren’t outside adventuring or playing fetch, you can find us at agility training, learning new tricks, or simply cuddled up on the couch resting!



Husky Mix

Koda takes adventuring very seriously! The moment mom takes her socks out of the drawer he knows what's up and is headed for the door to get his gear on to hit the trails. He loves the snow of course and though he enjoys a good swim at the beach or in a river on a hike he's most excited about diving head first into a snowbank. He was rescued at 4 weeks old along with his 7 siblings from Northern Quebec and has been fortunate enough to keep in contact with 5 of them for playdates. He's absolutely full of life and loves soaking up all the attention from the people he meets...especially at the Ballpark where we spend most of our summer nights!



Mini Australian Shepherd 

Atlas is known to be the life of the party wherever he goes. He just loves attention from all people and dogs and could play all day if allowed. His pawrents are working on teaching him how to take it down a notch whenever he's with other dogs as he can be a bit much at times. But with at said, he does not have a mean bone in his body and just wants to be friends with everyone (especially if you have treats). If you're looking for a wild time, you can always count on Atlas to be ready to party whenever and wherever! Hopefully in the near future, Atlas will have a few trick titles under his belt as well.



German Shepherd

Kona is a 16 month year old German Shepherd, living her best life in the Bay Area. She loves going on hikes, sniffing everything along the way, and playing at the beach. Her favorite toys are her tug ropes, and her soccer ball. 



American Bully

Porter and I have come such a long way not only as an owner and pet, but as a team. Porter is a lemon… He is reactive, anxious, allergic to the world, as well as very bionic!



Australian Shepherd mix

Django is a fun loving, adventure seeking goofball. With his ever-growing repertoire of tricks, there’s nothing we throw at him that he can’t handle. He’s always up for a challenge! If we’re the pack leaders then Django is in charge of pack morale. It is impossible to not feel the love when he’s around.



Australian Cattle Dog

Being named after her dog Dad’s Toyota Tacoma, this girl was born for off-road adventuring. Taco knows go mode and loves to endlessly explore The beautiful BC Backcountry, The Kootenays and Chilcotin region are among her faves, but she is also happy to chill and sleep the day away at her parents’ feet. Like most cattle dogs, she is Velcro to her humans. As much as she loves her beauty rest, if Taco sees water she’s in it swimming like a pro and if you have a ball she will fetch until you say stop, because she never will. While Taco loves most other dogs she loves people and children more and no matter what their size will greet everyone with a perfectly distanced kiss on the nose. We’re currently working on containing her excitement around meeting people and saving kisses until they’re asked for. Taco lives in Langley with her parents and two feline sibling who she equally both loves and harasses.



Pembroke + Cardigan Corgi

Don't underestimate Oliver's short stubby legs, he is quite the runner and climber! Oliver is a lovely, affectionate boy to every person he meets, and greets everyone with a helicopter-wagging tail. With new dogs, he is quite nervous and takes awhile to warm up, but his parents are working very hard to help him grow more confident and neutral. Oliver loves exploring quiet trails, speeding into every body of water he sees, and fighting every single chew he gets! With his love of climbing, and desire to please his parents, we'd love to take him to agility in the near future.



F1 Mini Goldendoodle

Finn is a 1yr old F1 Mini Apricot Goldendoodle. He’s the sweetest little goof and has perfected the art of the wiggle butt. He’s a professional sock thief and a playful little troublemaker. His favourite toys are a ball or anything that squeaks. He will also happily play tug with you until your arm falls off. He loves being outdoors and digging in the dirt. We’re currently working on his obedience and protectiveness as well as getting into agility to help rebuild his confidence. We love living life with this little dood and can’t wait to have more adventures with him!



Husky/Bully Mix

Piper was rescued as a puppy after being abandoned in a box on a highway in northern Alberta. She joined her fur-ever home at 4-ish months old, where she’s been loved for 9 years! This now senior girl recently re-located to the west coast of BC with her paw-rents and is living her best senior life running the trails, swimming in the ocean, climbing mountains, and becoming a through and through pacific northwester. Piper does struggle with separation anxiety which has been amplified since her pug-sister’s passing 2 years ago and its something we continue to work on. She greets all humans with the best butt wiggles, has a smile that will melt your heart, and despite slowing down a bit with age, is always up for an adventure in the mountains.



Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Datsun lives for sunshine, treats, and a good belly rub. He is Mr. Wiggles when he hears the word, "adventure." Needless to say he's fond of exploring new trails and meeting new friends. He also thinks he's a lap dog and enjoys plopping himself down on the closest body available. Recently, we've been navigating through his leash reactivity with the help of a trainer and have been taking it one day at a time.



Mini Australian Shepherd

The only thing “mini” about Luna is her beeed. She’s got big puppy energy with a sassy and stubborn side. Although we technically call Calgary home, we are truly home in the mountains. Luna is a curious adventurer and spent her first summer in the rockies exploring new trails, camping, paddle-boarding, snorkelling for rocks, swimming & wilding on the beach. She loves to play fetch and meet new friends (humans & animals) and is working on polite greetings!



Shiba Inu

Who doesn't need a Hero in their life? Well my Hiro is a sassy boy who always has to be the center of attention! I am a registered veterinary technician who by work long hours but that doesn't bother Hiro. By day he's usually comfortably snoozing in a kennel while I work, or getting lots of attention from my coworkers, and by night he's doing zoomies in the house. Although he's got two older cat brothers, he believe he is an only child. Don't let his cute face fool you, he's mischievous and is usually up to no good! You'll usually find us hiking on a mountain on the weekends.



Bernese Mountain Dog

Sully is a year and a half old Bernese Mountain Dog with equal parts crazy and lazy! At 110 lbs, he’s a big snuggle buddy who has no concept of his size and will sit on you any chance he gets. He’s also the best adventure pal and is always buzzing to get outdoors with the beaches of Kamloops, BC being his favourite spot! This professional cheese taster and belly rub lover is the best berner bear companion, and has a larger than life personality!

Outbound Canine Alumni

Some of the original Brand Ambassadors that have helped me grow this business to what it is today - Thanks guys!!

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