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Every one of our Ambassadors was chosen for a reason. They're not just a bunch of pretty faces, but dogs with a purpose. Some are therapy dogs in training, growing Pups that are learning the world, some are dogs in training with some pretty special humans who have made it their life's mission to provide a safe and loving environment to a dog that did not have the best of upbringing, and most of all? Lots are amazing advocates for their breed.

The one thing all our Ambassadors have in common? Every one of them are adventure seekers. Whether their seeking trails by foot up into the mountains, paddleboarding or kayaking the oceans edge, off-roading while exploring new roads, or road tripping in their beautiful provinces or cities. Every weekend, every beautiful day, you will find these dogs and their families soaking up the sunshine and enjoying the outdoors.



Outbound Canine's #1 fan, product tester, supporter, and the dog that made all this possible! Tucker joins in on every hike, sits shotgun on every roadtrip, explores the backroads to no ends, and is one heck of a mud junkie! He loves being out in the sunshine and rolling around in the grass like the puppy he is at heart.


Taylor, Penny, Atlas & Striker

"I adopted Penny in my early 20s and she was the star of the show, she taught me so much and inspired me more than I could have imagined, hence Penny’s Pals being named after her, soon I met Striker along side his dog dad, who I will call my husband. We the. adopted Atlas, who has changed my world, open the door of sports, we play disc, and have dabbled in a few others to see what we love. We are also almost finishing his journey of being a service dog in training! I cannot wait to see what more this world has in store for the 5 of us." - Taylor


Jayden & Winnie

"Winnie has taught me so much in the time we’ve had together so far. She’s given me a huge push in my own training journey as well. We love to work and are so excited to get more into the sport world. So far we have dipped our toes in nose work and disc and absolutely love it. I can’t wait to keep training, keep working and see where we go!" 


Ashlin, Knox & oscar

"My name is Ashlin and my dogs are Knox (GSD) and Oscar Meyer the Chiweenie. I am the owner and Dog Trainer at The K9 Mindset Academy. Knox was the dog who changed my life and my outlook on dog ownership and dog training. I got Knox to be the classic IG adventure dog - but our plans quickly changed when Knox started showing some pretty intense reactivity towards dogs and humans. Our training journey has shaped who we are today. We are huge advocates for reactive dogs and responsible ownership. We believe that all dogs, including reactive dogs, deserve to live an active and fulfilling lifestyle like the rest of the dogs and through responsible dog ownership - this absolutely can be achieved! For fun you can catch us training, swimming, paddleboarding, camping and hiking. We love trick training, putting agility sequences together, and trying new activities like barn hunt and bite work! We strongly believe in and foster a judgement-free space. We believe that everyone has the right to train their dog as they see fit and that it's NO ONE ELSE'S BIZ! Whatever is going to make your life with your dog fulfilling and successful is what YOU should be doing with YOUR dog, and what the haters say about it, does not matter!"


Alexandra, Aria, Anna & Nerd

"Hi all! We’re so happy to be on the team! Alex is a pet photographer located in tampa Bay, Florida. We travel, hike, camp and do sports with our dogs! Aria is a dock diving dog who also dabbles in updog. She is my sport dog poodle mix and an absolute princess. We spend as many of our days outside as possible and enjoy hiking on local trails, camping all over the southeast and being in the water whenever possible! Anna is a mini American shepherd who is amazing at herding and updog, she is our reactive baby and through consistent management and work with some of the best trainers in tampa bay has become a wonderfully level headed dog that leads all of our hikes with Drew, my boyfriend, business partner, best friend and her daddy! Nerd is our rescue, she has not yet found a sport that matches her personality perfectly. We have been told she should go through therapy dog training because of how lovable and sweet she is. That might be on our horizon! She never learned how to be a dog so the name “nerd” is so fitting. She is a ball of love and laughs!"


Annika. Sherlock & Albert

"I love hiking and cani-hiking with my dogs in my free time, both my dogs have taught me different lessons about dog ownership and how even when I think I know a lot, there's more to learn! While Sherlock is retired and a spoiled pet, he loves frisbee and just coming with me on car rides. And Albert when he's not working as a service dog with me, can be found doing agility, barn hunt, disc dog and more!"


Aleka, Katana, Orla, Gibson, Jackson & Cysco

"My dogs all have individual stories of how they found me and each of them have taught me so much about who I want to be as a dog owner and as a trainer. We’re avid hikers and campers in our free time and our day-to-day is spent on our farm tending to the horses, chickens, bunnies, and our pig! I’m a full time professional dog trainer and I own a facility called Big Heart Canine which is also located on my farm. I’m so lucky to spend my days surrounded by animals and nature and I’m so excited to share my experiences with Outbound Canine Co!"


Ashley, Jag, Zeus & Rambo

"Hi there, my name is Ashley, I am the owner and trainer of Active K9’s in Ontario! I currently have a pack of 3 K9’s, Jag, a Dutch Shepherd, Zeus, a French Bulldog, and our newest addition, Rambo, a rescue pulled from a shelter in Toronto. My passion for dog sports and training began over 15 years ago when I met my heart dog, Air Austin. Austin changed my life, we travelled all over together competing, training, and performing. He is the reason why Active K9’s exists today. We love working with owners, helping them build a better bond with their dogs, build confidence and also support them through tough, behavioural challenges. I have also trained and worked with explosive detection K9’s, and was fortunate to have two amazing K9 partners, keeping the public safe in our international airport and shipping facilities. We are fortunate to live in a beautiful area, where in our spare time, spend many hours hiking, mountain biking, paddle boarding, and still currently train and compete in dock diving, flyball, and perform at fall fair venues."

Nikki & Archie

"Archie is not only my best friend but also a teacher in this life. He has taught me so much about dog training & responsible dog ownership and always carries some patience as we learn. When we aren’t honing our training skills together you can find us out on the trails, the lake or in a tent together. We are big advocates for the conservation of our beautiful planet and as dog owners believe that our outdoor impact can make a difference. We have recently started scent detection and are super excited to see where it takes us in the future!"

Jelena & Suki

"We're Jelena and Matt, and this is our American Village Dog, Suki! Suki has changed so much of how we view responsible dog ownership and taught us how to confidently advocate for our dog. With her partial sight and hearing impairment, we've done a lot of work together navigating her reactivity to open up her world. Joining pack walks have really helped all three of us gain confidence and we're so thankful for the sense of community we've felt right from the start! Since both us gals are fairly new to BC, I love exploring new places and trails with her. A once timid pup, Suki now loves climbing on logs and splashing through puddles - we love nothing more than watching her come out of her shell in her surroundings. I hope to work towards getting more comfortable in the water as well as try our hand at nosework eventually - we just can't wait to see what our adventures bring!"

Tamara, Lucy & Chloe

"Hi Friends! I'm Tamara and I bring Lucy and Chloe with me to the team. We are a family that loves adventures. You will often find us boating, fishing, hiking, camping or off-roading...and of course these two tag along for all of it. Lucy is a Golden Labradoodle rescued after giving birth to two litters and found wandering the streets. She came to me as a package deal with my husband and two teenagers. Lucy is a full-blown daddy's girl and the sweetest bearded lady you'll ever meet. She's content to just chill on the couch all day until we say "Do you wanna....", and then she's ready for any adventure. Together we adopted Chloe - the spice of our lives. Chloe is the first dog I've had the experience of raising from a pup and has taught me so much. I've always thought of myself as a patient and calm person but she has not only tested both, but enhanced those traits as well. We've been focusing on strengthening our bond and helping her to navigate the world with her big emotions, one encounter at a time. She absolutely loves being outdoors and will take advantage of any opportunity to go for a swim. She always has to have the last word, will pose for a picture on every rock or stump, loves to cuddle, and I'm definitely her best friend. I love my "6-pack" family and wouldn't change a thing."

Jessica & Koda

"Hello everyone! My name is Jessica, I’m a 32 year mom of 3 and dog mom to Koda, a 1.5 year old Siberian husky. Koda loves wrestling with his dog dad, chasing me around and a good game of tug! He will do absolutely anything for food, especially seafood! We live in the city so a lot of our walks are sniffy walks around the neighbourhood. But lately we’ve been finding local trails to explore and hoping to expand our horizons soon and try out some bigger ones further out! I’ve always had family animals around growing up but he is my first dog. He has been such a joy to have in our family. But that has not come without its challenges. Koda has always struggled with overexcitement towards other dogs. We’ve worked hard and come to a good place that is manageable with minimal reactions but still have a ways to go. I’ve learned so much about training, reactivity and all the ways to interact with dogs that I never knew was right/wrong. Most importantly I now understand that reactive dogs are not bad dogs, just dogs that need more understanding and patience. I’m so excited to be a part of a team that understands this and is a support to those going through the same thing!

Marcie & Bane

"Bane is our outdoor loving crazy catahoula. He came home just after his 1st birthday and quickly showed us just how loyal and loving he is. He developed a bond with his fur-sister and they are inseparable now. We live in NWO, and absolutely love spending all free time outdoors which means recall, long line and off leash reliability has been very important since day one. You can find us either hiking the numerous trails we are lucky to have so close to home, spending time at any of the amazing beaches, regardless of the season or just hanging out at home on the deck. If the sun is up, we are out! Owning a reactive dog has definitely taught us more patience and compassion for other pet parents and the struggles we may be facing. Everyday is training day. Supporting each other and advocating for our boy is important to us. Reactive dogs are amazing dogs too and we couldn't imagine our family without Bane."

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