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Custom Gear

What classifies gear as custom?

Custom gear includes two-toned Collars and Leashes. Collar add-ons such as o-rings and any additional leash add-ons like handles are considered customizations. I offer custom collar sizing for dogs that are in-between sizing so the collar fits more optimal.

I'm a dog trainer. Do you design custom leashes?

Yes I do! I receive many requests from dog trainers for special leashes customised for their training styles. I ask those wanting a custom leash to draw out a rough sketch of what youd like or what you'd need the leash to do for you than you can leave the rest to me.

Do custom orders have the same lead time?

Custom Orders, depending on what exactly is being ordered, may have an extended lead time. If I do not have certain hardware on hand or materials that will need to be ordered, I will be having to wait on Suppliers to fulfill and ship from their end.

Discount Codes

My discount code isn't working

Please reach out to me if your code isn't working. Email me at or reach out directly via Instagram at @outboundcanineco

Can I use a discount code at the markets?

Unless there are market specials, discount codes typically aren't transferable to use in-person at markets.

Can we combine our Adventure Rewards with a discount code?

There's no double dipping. You cannot combine a discount code with your Adventure Rewards. If I notice it being done, than I will send you an invoice for the remaining balance.

Can we use a discount codes during sales?

Unless otherwise stated, no.


Where do the donations go?

I donate to rescue organizations and shelters local to us such as LAPS - a shelter located in Langley, BC and where I adopted Tucker from. I donate to other causes including silent auctions, raffles, families battling breast cancer, elderly homes, spay and neuters, and gofundme causes organized by friends and family.

Lead Time

What does Lead time mean?

My lead time is the approximate processing time of where you fall within the que of other orders. That doesn't mean it will take that long, but I also account for if my own shipments are delayed across Canada or if anything comes up and causes delays.

How long does it take you to make an order?

I am a one woman team and every order is handmade. My lead time at times, can sometimes varies up to 8 weeks, which does not include shipping time during the busy months/seasons

How do I know your current lead time?

I advertise my lead time on every page of our website located at the very top, can't miss it.

Please be aware of my approx lead time before ordering.

Does the Lead time include shipping?

My lead time simply applies to creating your order and does not include shipping


What is Biothane?

BioThane® is the brand name of all coated webbing products made by BioThane Coated Webbing Corp. It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, easy to clean and weldable.

Is Biothane better than Leather?

Depends on what you're doing with your dog. If your dog is going in the forest, water, mud, etc.. then Biothane is the way to go. Biothane is more durable, cleanable, stronger and easier to maintain.

How do you test your products? What exactly do you do?

This is the most fun part of my job - I test all new products I design on my own dogs who always will find a way to test the strength and durability of our products. We are a family of hikers, off-roaders, trail seekers, and swimmers, so we design our products for all the adventures you and your pup will encounter

How long will it last?

Under normal use, BioThane will long outlast leather and nylon.

If my pet gets it wet or muddy, will it stink?

No - Biothane is odorproof.

Will it work in cold weather?

Yes. Biothane will remain flexible in cold weather.

Will the ends fray?

I use a transparent sealant on the ends of all Biothane ends and cuts to best prevent the threading from fraying.

Will the material "bleed" or transfer onto their fur or skin?

It's possible for fluorescent colors to transfer from the Biothane onto hair, skin or fabric. Or in cases of 2-tone leashes, it is possible for colors to bleed. However, it is not hazardous and should not cause any health or safety concerns. But if you see it happening, just wash with soap and water

Will the material cause hot spots?

The material will only cause hot spots if the animal is not fitted properly with the correct size product

Will the color fade?

The opaque colors tend to hold color significantly longer than fluorescent colors. The deeper the shade of the hue, the longer it will last.

Is Biothane bite-proof?

Biothane is strong, but if your dog is left unsupervised they can bite through it with determination. 


Our Trail Tested Warranty also doesn't cover against bites, so please be sure to supervise your dog while they are leashed.

How do you clean Biothane?

Easy Peasy - just use some warm water and dish soap. For super caked on mud, soak your gear and use a dish cloth to scrub.


I think I measured wrong and the collar is too big! Can I exchange it?

Standard sized Collars are eligible for a return or exchange. Custom sized collars and are not eligible for a return or exchange. I advise you please reach out to me with any questions or watch our measuring videos in our sizing guide.

How do I properly measure my dogs neck?

Check out our how-to guide on our Sizing Guide page. You can always reach out to me via DM on Instagram as I am quite active on social media.

What size/width would be better for my Pup?

Our 5/8" collars are designed for smaller dogs (and even cats), 3/4" collars for medium dogs, and 1" collars for medium to xx-large dogs.

I received my Martingale Collar but it doesn't fit. Can I exchange it for a smaller/bigger size?

All my Slip and Martingale Collars are especially Custom cut, designed and made for your very own dog. Martingale and Slip Collars are NOT adjustable and can not be returned. So please upon ordering, properly know how to measure your dog's measurements and how you would like it to fit. My Sizing Guide can be found here.

What's the difference between widths? (5/8" & 3/4")

Our 5/8" width leashes are designed for small to medium sized dogs up to 40lbs. Have a larger and more powerful dog? I recommend the 3/4" width for dogs 40lbs and up.


Is your hardware plated or solid?

Solid Brass and Stainless Steel make up 99% of all our hardware. Hardware such as our quick release buckles are plated for weight and inventory purposes. The hardware on all our products are high quality and are all sourced in Canada! 

Do you sell Black Hardware?

I do not typically offer Black Hardware as an option - other than our 1.5" Buckle Collars that lots of people buy for their Show Collars. Through vigarious testing, it didn't take long for the black to wear and chip.

How long does the Black Hardware last for? Does it last as long as Stainless and Brass?

All Black Hardware is powder coated, so wear will appear only after a few uses. Our Black Hardware is Solid Brass underneath, so it is still high quality and strong hardware, but the Black is known for chipping fast.


Can I order custom gear during a sale?

No, all custom gear will be full price as it takes additional time and possible hardware to create custom gear.

Additionally, all products ordered during a sale will be made in it's default form. Custom re-arranging and adding onto product will not be allowed.

I left comments regarding product changes but it was not done.

Any comments and requests regarding custom re-arranging, adding hardware, removing objects, and/or specific requests on order forms without FIRST reaching out to me and receiving my seal of approval, will always be made in it's default form.

It is very important to discuss your requests with myself first.

I ordered 2 days before the sale started, can I get the difference refunded?

All orders placed before a sale are not able to receive sale pricing.


I live in the Lower Mainland, can I pick up locally?

Yes you can! I offer porch pick up for 2 weeks after recieving your order confirmation in Mission, BC. I will send all pick up instructions and my address once your order has been fulfilled.

Not advertising my pick up location may not be the most convenient and for that I apologize, but my safety is very important to me.

What happens if I cant pick up within 2 weeks?

I no longer allow orders to be left weeks and months without being picked up. This is for the safety of your order as theft can always occur and all packages are placed in our local up tote.

If you can no longer pick up within 2 weeks, I will send you a shipping invoice. Once paid in full, I will schedule a pick up for your package.

How is Shipping calculated?

For shipping within Canada, I offer a flat rate. For shipping to the US, Canada Post automatically generates your shipping cost.

Shipping is subsidized and I help pay for shipping costs so it doesn't 100% fall on you, the Customer.

I haven't received any updates and I ordered 2 weeks ago

Every order is handmade in the que submitted. Once paid in full, your order will be added to the que. Once your order is ready to be shipped and has been fulfilled, I will send you a shipping confirmation. Please be aware of my Lead Time before ordering if you can not wait.

I haven't recieved any shipping confirmations yet. Is my package lost?

After it leaves my hands, I have no control over your package. Don't see a shipping confirmation but you know I shipped it? Please check your junk and spam box as it will always be there. If you have questions about tracking please contact the Shipping Company.

My order got sent back to you because I entered the incorrect address. Can you ship it to the right one?

If an order is returned to me due to an incomplete or wrong shipping address, or the order is refused or undeliverable, the customer is responsible for paying the complete shipping cost to reship their order in addition to the fees incurred from the shipping company.


Do your products come with a warranty?

Absolutley! I have my Trail Tested Warranty that extends to all my products and are trail tested in British Columbia's beautiful mountains, lakes and oceans.

Here at Outbound Canine, we are dedicated to making strong and reliable dog gear for all your adventures. If anything becomes wrong with your Outbound Canine product, please reach out to us to discuss your options.

Our full warranty information can be found here.

Does your warranty cover chewed products and bite marks?

No our warranty does not cover bites and chewed products. Once your leash is bit, it affects the integrity of the leash greatly.

Our full warranty information and form can be found here.

What doesn't your warranty cover?

Approved claims will be issued an e-Gift Card for the full replacement value of the product or sent a replacement product. Our warranty does not include damage caused by any of the following:

  • Improper use or misuse of the product
  • Damage caused by chewing, cleaning, disassembly, alterations, or modifications
  • Damage caused by or resulting from abuse or fire
  • Normal wear and tear - including chipping and scratching of hardware, scratching and staining on Biothane

Our full warranty information and form can be found here.

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