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Designed for Reactive Dogs
Structured Environment
Inclusive of ALL Training Methods - Balanced & R+
Open to all sized dogs and breeds

Join our Pack!

Looking for a judgement-free, safe and inclusive group to put your training foundation to work?

These Structured Pack Walks and Hikes are something Tucker and myself have done ever since adopting him years ago and learning right quick, dog parks and being around off-leash dogs were a huge no for us. With Tucker being dog reactive, what I needed the most was to desensitize him to other dogs in a safe environment around somebody who trusted me to train my dog around them. I had no takers until years later starting this business, I met so many amazing people with dogs very similar to Tucker and who needed the exact same thing.

After years of training Tucker, we have come to the point where he is incredibly level-headed and accepting of walking with new dogs. I can honestly say had it not been for arranging Structured Walks with Customers and fellow Dog Parents, who I can call many now my good friends, Tucker and I would not have been able to get to this point of becoming neutral around new dogs.

Reactive Dog Approved

This group was designed especially with reactive dogs in mind. However, ALL dogs are welcome and there is a spot for everybody to work on their own training goals. This group is a great space to work on:

  • Becoming neutral around other dogs
  • Dog reactive dogs learning to be accepting of other dogs around them in a calm environment
  • Learning to be calm around others
  • Respecting other dogs spaces
  • Learning handler focus with distractions
  • Over-excitement and teaching your dog patience

Some Rules to follow within the Group

  • All dogs are to remain on leash at all times - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Leashes to be no longer than 6' in length
  • NO nose-to-nose meetings between any dogs
  • NO play between dogs
  • Space is given at all times unless otherwise agreed upon between another Owner within the group
  • Muzzles are strongly recommended for dog and human reactive dogs
  • This is a respectful group where training tools are accepted and used by many Owners within the Pack - Opinions and judgement will not be accepted

Looking to sign up for one of our Structured Pack Walks or Hikes? Every Wednesday at 6pm PST dates, times and locations are posted via Insta Stories over at @outboundcanineco for the upcoming weekends get togethers. The odd time, I may post later on in the night if work runs late or I'm in an area with no cell reception. If you want to join but don't see a posting via my Instagram Stories, please reach out to me by DM on Instagram or you can email me at

We are located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and the trails and paths I choose to host these on are typically within the Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Mission areas. Groups are often limited to 4-6 dogs since most dogs can be reactive. Some days, more dogs will be welcomed to join.

Before attending a Pack Walk and/or Hike, you must fill out our waiver which can be found HERE.

Have Questions?

I haven't been on a walk with another dog in a while and I'm really nervous. Do you think we could still participate?

At the beginning of every meet up, everybody introduces themselves and lets others know what exactly it is they need from others and their dogs. By default, everybody is given space. The amount of space needed is entirely up to you.

Before dogs are taken out of their vehicles, we discuss placements within the group where people that are unsure how their dog will do, I'll typically place them within the back of the group so you can have however much space you need.

If you are really nervous, reach out to me and we can go on a 1-on-1 walk to ease your mind. I am located in the Stave Falls areas but am willing to travel.

My Dog isn't Reactive but I'd still like to join. Can I?

Friendly dogs that need help with patience and/or learning to be with other dogs without initiating play are also very much welcomed!

I use Training Tools. Is that acceptable?

Absolutley! Training Tools when used correctly, are accepted within our Pack. Many of the Handlers within the Pack use tools such as prong collars, e-collars and muzzles, including myself.

Have questions about tools or if you're new to using tools but are still unsure about placements and/or sizing, we are very resourceful and can offer some resources or help.

Tucker, my own dog, is muzzle and prong collar trained, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

How often are the Walks/Hikes?

At the moment, I offer either a Walk or Hike at least once every weekend. Once the hotter temps start, meetups will be set earlier to beat the heat and more than likey, somewhere around bodies of water so dogs can have refreshing water breaks.

Come Spring and Summer, Walks and Hikes will be scheduled also during the week after work hours since weekends will become busy for everybody and Outbound Canine Co particpates in weekend markets.

Can I sign up in Advance?

Yes you can. If you know you'll be busy when I post sign ups, please reach out to me via Instagram or email at to advance sign up.

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