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Designed for Reactive Dogs

On-Leash & Structured Environment

Inclusive of ALL Training Methods - Balanced & PP/R+

Join our Pack!

Looking for a judgement-free, safe and inclusive group to put your training foundation to work?

These Structured Pack Walks and Hikes are something Tucker and myself have done ever since adopting him years ago and learning right quick, dog parks and being around off-leash dogs were a huge no for us. With Tucker being dog reactive, what I needed the most was to desensitize him to other dogs in a safe environment around somebody who trusted me to train my dog around them. I had no takers until years later starting this business, I met so many amazing people with dogs very similar to Tucker and who needed the exact same thing.

After years of training Tucker, we have come to the point where he is level-headed and accepting of walking with new dogs. I can honestly say had it not been for arranging Structured Walks with Customers and fellow Dog Parents, who I can call many now my friends, Tucker and I would not have been able to get to this point.

We are located in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia. The on-leash trails I choose to host our walks on are typically within the Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Mission areas. Groups are limited up to 10 dogs, with the only exception being Community Pack Walk events, Appreciation Pack Walks and Pack Hikes. Fee to participate is per dog and handler duo joining. Every dog must have at least one handler. Please note, all fees are non-refundable.

Ready to sign up for one of our Structured Pack Walks or Hikes? Have our waiver filled out PRIOR to signing up.

Reactive Dog Approved

This group was designed especially with reactive dogs in mind. However, ALL dogs are welcome and there is a spot for everybody to work on their own training goals. This group is a great space to work on:

  • Neutrality around dogs & people
  • Respecting others space
  • Impulse control
  • Handler focus with distractions
  • Advocating for your dog
  • Gaining resources & knowledge
  • Real life scenarios
  • Confidence & Relationship Building
  • Boundaries and Structure

Some Rules to follow within the Group

  • Dogs are to remain leashed at all times
  • Leashes to be no longer than 6' in length
  • No nose-to-nose meetings between dogs
  • No play between dogs
  • Space is given at all times between dogs and Owners within the group
  • Muzzles are strongly recommended for dog reactive dogs. If your dog is aggressive (wanting to inflict harm on another provoked/unprovoked), a muzzle is required.

Please note, it is expected you already have a solid foundation in place from a professional dog trainer and have an understanding of your dog's body language, triggers and thresholds before joining. Dog are to be physically under control during the period of the walk and are not to be lunging/pulling at the end of their leash continuously on the walk.

This is a respectful group where training tools are accepted and used by many Owners within the Pack - opinions and judgement will not be accepted.

Pack Hikes

Do you ever get nervous hiking alone? Really wish you had friends to hike with? Our hikes are extremely popular for good reason. Back in the day, I really wanted to find those trails that were both safe for my dog and lesser known for peace of mind. With Tucker being reactive, it was a struggle to find those trails where off-leash dogs weren't a problem.

Join us on our vetted, lesser populated and beautiful scenic trails. Rules within our pack follow the same as our structured pack walks when it comes to giving dogs and owners space, no on-leash meetings, and all dogs are to be under physical control at all times. Leashes are to be no longer than 6', long lines are not permitted.

Our hikes are reactive dog friendly! All dogs joining are welcome. Hikes are typically hosted within the Mission and Maple Ridge areas.

Please note! A signed waiver is required

Before signing up for any of our walks and hikes, you must have read our rules and expectations along with a signed waiver. Please have our new waiver filled out which can be found here. Updated November 4, 2023. A waiver is needed for ALL those who may be joining our walks including family, friends, and spouses.

Ready to Sign Up?

After a recommendation from a friend, we started coming to these pack walks last spring - we were SO nervous and weren’t sure how our reactive and sight/hearing impaired pup Suki would do as we’d never been in a pack setting like this before. Kim was so great about providing a rundown of what to expect, along with rules and guidelines to follow prior to beginning the walk. Not only were we really surprised with how Suki handled her first pack walk, but we’ve really watched her confidence blossom in these settings as a result, going from a nervous puppy who was honestly too nervous to even react, to a confident gal who we continue to work with on her excitability and reactions. These walks have given us a wonderful safe space to work alongside other dog people wanting the best for their dogs and being respectful and responsible about it! We’ve grown so much as dog owners and gotten to know such a fantastic community as a result.

Jelena / Langley, BC

I started bringing my dog to Kim’s pack walks about a year ago and we have benefited so much from these walks, I was a little nervous at first as my dog is human and dog reactive and we have had some nasty encounters with off leash dogs, but Kim advocates for the whole group which helps my confidence so much, and that helps my dog feel a lot more relaxed, he actually gets excited when we pull up to the whole group and we always end up having the most enjoyable relaxing walks with the pack. She always finds a nice quite trail to meet at and we have met so many other amazing dog parents that are going through their own struggles with their dogs so there is no judgement! We are so thankful for everything these walks have given us!

Keela W. / Chilliwack, BC

When I first reached out to Kim, I told her that my dog was overly excited when around other dogs and often became very vocal to the point where it was quite embarrassing. I was hesitant to sign up because of it. Kim was excellent in walking me through what a pack hike entails and assured me that it was a judgement-free space. I am so happy that I bit the bullet and signed up because my training, handling, and confidence has grown. I am seeing progress in my dog that I hadn’t seen when training on my own. I have built relationships with other likeminded owners who understand what having a reactive dog is like. Thank you Kim for all your hard work in hosting these pack sessions because it truly has helped us in so many ways.

Kayla E. / Mission, BC

I was really hesitant to start bringing my VERY dog reactive dog to a pack walk as i thought he would bark the whole time or be overwhelmed. Kim happily answered all my questions and I decided to go and it was the best decision I ever made! The group was well organized and everyone was set up for success! My dog did wayyy better than I thought he would and the progress outside the group was noticeable right away! After going to pack walks consistently for about a month my dog can now walk around strange dogs with little problems!!

Cara H. / New Westimnster, BC

My first pack walk was in January 2023 as my dog has some fear based reactivity towards other dogs and general unsureness. My first pack walk I was worried what others thought as she doesn't walk on a heel, she reacted to things, and she pulls. Not one person judged what was on my dog i.e harness/prong. Instead they made me feel supported. The people who I have met through these walks have been nothing short of amazing. Ivy and I have been going to these walks and hikes regularly through our training journey and I have watched my dog progress every.single.time. She went from a fearful dog in January to a dog who can participate in a group obedience class in June, and I don't think we would have gotten this far without Kim's pack walks and hikes 💕

Hannah B. / Mission, BC

Have Questions?

Do the Walks and Hikes cost anything?

Our structured walks have a fee of $10/per dog to join. I put my heart and soul into these structured walks as they were born from a passion project of mine. I wish I had these opportunities in my own reactivity journey with Tucker to be in a calm and safe environment around other dogs.

When collaborating with Photographers such as The Good Mutt Photography and Professional Dog Trainers for Community Pack Walks and related events, they will have a separate fee.

Our Community Pack Walks are in collaboration with professional dog trainers to best help those who have questions throughout the walk and need guidance with loose leash walking, handler focus, etc...

I haven't been on a walk with another dog in a while and I'm really nervous. Do you think we could still participate?

At the beginning of every meet up, everybody introduces themselves and lets others know what exactly it is they need from others and their dogs. By default, everybody is given space. The amount of space needed is entirely up to you.

Before dogs are taken out of their vehicles, we discuss placements within the group where people that are unsure how their dog will do, I'll typically place them within the back of the group so you can have however much space you need.

If you are really nervous, reach out to me and we can go on a 1-on-1 walk to ease your mind. I am located in the Stave Falls areas but am willing to travel.

My Dog isn't Reactive but I'd still like to join. Can I?

Friendly dogs that need help with patience and/or learning to be with other dogs without initiating play are also very much welcomed!

I use Training Tools. Is that acceptable?

Absolutely! Training Tools when used correctly, are accepted within our Pack. Many of the Handlers within the Pack use tools such as prong collars, e-collars and muzzles, including myself.

Have questions about tools or if you're new to using tools but are still unsure about placements and/or sizing, we are very resourceful and can offer some resources or help.

Tucker, my own dog, is muzzle and prong collar trained, so if you have any questions, feel free to reach out.

How often are the Walks/Hikes?

During Spring and Summer months, walks are sporadically added throughout the month.

With hotter temps, meetups will be set earlier on weekends to beat the heat and around bodies of water so dogs can have refreshing water breaks.

For weekday walks, meetups will be scheduled in the evenings. Please account for traffic and such to best arrive early.

For the Pack Hikes, can we use Long Lines?

Your dog is to be under physical control at all times and long lines make it harder and sometimes impossible to do so. Please for the purpose of these hikes, your dog is not to be on a leash longer than 6'.

Do we have to bring anything specific for the Pack Hikes? Perhaps items we wouldn't need for just the walks?

Safety comes first on these Hikes. The Hikes I choose are less populated, off the beaten path and tend to have more wildlife on them. For your own safety, I highly recommend you investing in some bear spray for you to have attached to your backpack since these trails are in bear and cougar country.

A first aid kit for your dog and for yourself is also very much recommended.

Is it possible for you to set up a Pack Walk near Vancouver? I don't drive or can't drive that far.

Vancouver is not the most ideal location for trying to walk peacefully with your dog. I personally know no peaceful and lesser known trails near Vancouver and don't feel comfortable hosting a walk somewhere I've never been.

These walks are designed first and foremost for reactive dogs, so the trails I choose are vetted and known trails I've hiked and walked on for years.

Is every walk a full 10 dogs?

I cut off sign ups when I feel the group is at their max of energy to keep the group and dogs safe within the pack.

Sometimes I will also limit the groups to 6-8 dogs depending on who signs up.

Pack Hikes allow for more dogs to join. Events such as Appreciation Walks and Community Pack Walks have their own limit.

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