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Shop Small and Support Local

I have currated a Collection of some amazing Small and Local Businesses that I have had the absolute pleasure of purchasing from, collaborating with, and lots of who, I call friends.

When you shop small, you are supporting somebodies dream of being their own boss and making waves in this world. This guide consists of dog tags, dog walking services within BC, reputable dog photographers, professional dog trainers, dog accessories and more!



Happiness Unleashed

Jayden is a professional dog walker who I've personally hired to walk my own boy Tucker who is dog reactive. I trusted her with Tucker because she has experience handling reactive dogs.

Since 2017, Jayden been providing top-notch care for furry-friends just like yours. With years of experience and a passion for animals, she's committed to ensuring your pet gets the love, attention and care they deserve. 

In 2020, Jayden decided to pursue her passion for pet care further and began dog walking. Since then, she has been committed to expanding her knowledge and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. That's why she continues to take courses on pet care, animal behaviour, and other related topics to ensure she can provide the best possible care for her clients.​

Areas Serviced: Maple Ridge, BC and Pitt Meadows, BC

Instagram: @unleashhappiness


Parkside Pups

Keara at Parkside Pups aims to give your dog(s) the ultimate outdoor experience.

Dogs have always been a passion of her's along with hiking. It's always been her dream to start her own dog hiking and training business since working at a doggy daycare for two years. Working at the daycare provided her with a lot of knowledge and experience dealing with a wide variety of dog breeds and personalities. 

Keara graduated from West Coast Canine Academy with her professional dog training certificate. This course gave her more confidence in working with all the breeds and understanding the needs of each pup. Her goal is to provide each pup with a safe and positive environment, with a healthy amount of exercise in a balanced pack. She does amazing at guiding each dog on how to behave and socialize with her pack.

Areas Serviced: Victoria, BC

Instagram: @parksidepups


Terra Coffey Dog Walking

Terra Coffey is a professional dog walker who I've personally hired to walk my own boy Tucker who is dog reactive. I trusted her with Tucker because she has experience handling reactive dogs.

She has a passion for positive reinforcement and structured social environments and believes that every dog deserves a healthy environment to play and burn off energy. She's commited to providing the best possible care for your pup. She is a huge animal lover and has spent years working with dogs of all breeds and sizes. She understands that every dog is unique and has different needs, which is why she takes a personalized approach to dog walking.

Areas Serviced: Maple Ridge, BC and Pitt Meadows, BC

Instagram: @terracoffeydogwalking


Rad Beast Pet Services

At Rad Beast they know not every dog is meant for daycare or off-leash hikes with large groups of dogs. Mandy offers a solution for owners who would prefer their dog to enjoy their walks and be enriched, while giving their dog the best chance at succeeding.

Your dog has the opportunity to join Mandy and a small, expertly matched groups of dogs for one hour hikes through nature. They use long lines so they can still enjoy their space and freedom, but still have the ability to manage their interactions with other dogs, people and the environment around them, setting them up for success.

Mandy also offers 1-on-1 hikes for those dogs who just prefer their alone time or even sniffy walks through your very own neighbourhood!

She believes the best part of being a dog walker is creating that playful bonded relationship with your dog while keeping dialogue open with you, and your trainer (if you have one). 

Areas Serviced: Langley, Surrey, Maple Ridge, and Pitt Meadows (Lower Mainland of BC)

Instagram: @radbeastpetservices



The Good Mutt Photography

I have had the absolute pleasure of meeting Andrea from TGM and have trained and enjoyed some trails together alongside her and Callie. If you're familiar with TGM, you've probably seen them from Instagram and are familiar with Andrea's two dogs Callie and Marin. 

Callie inspired the brand behind The Good Mutt and is what started her journey to really pursue her passion in animal photography. Without her, Andrea would not have been inspired to create her photography business!

Andrea captures all sorts of dogs! Big or small, mix or purebred - all dogs look cute through the lens.

She has a few packages to choose from and if you're willing to travel to her (trust me it's SO worth it!) she has many scouted and pre-approved locations already well thought out in her town of Harrison Hot Springs, BC. 

Instagram: @thegoodmuttphotography


Shand and Your Dogs Photography

Shandess is such a sweet soul and really lights up when talking about the dogs she photographs. She has been working with dogs for over 20 years and have had 5 of her own dogs that have stolen her heart

She studied film photography for 4 years and eventually got into digital photography in 2007. She always had an interest in creating memories and her dogs are the reason behind her passion for dog photography.

Instagram: @shandandyourdogs



Wandering North Co.

Ashley over at Wandering North is one heck of a talented woman. We started our businesses around the same time as each other and I instantly fell in love with her designs.

She offers a variety of dog tags to choose from but my absolute favorite tags from her are the ones she has custom designed for me and Tucker which have been designed based on our travels.

Collars and tags go together like peanut butter (even though I'm allergic!) and jam. Use our code OBC10 to save 10% on your next tag purchase! 

Instagram: @wanderingnorthco


Tagged by Ollie

Mina is incredibly talented and I've had the pleasure of purchasing a couple stunning tags from Tagged by Olli - one of which was a completely custom Scooby-Doo tag (seen in the photo displayed).

Mina's tags are made from resin and if you follow her on instagram @taggedbyollie she posts reels showcasing her creative process from start to finish in her tag making process. Super cool to witness!

Instagram: @taggedbyollie


Aurora Howlers Co

Jordyn, the Human behind AHC, is actually an honorary OBC Ambassador! She is a big lover of nature, adventure, and especially.. dogs.

Jordyn is a practicing registered veterinary technologist and works on AHC as a passion project on the side. 

Instagram: @aurorahowlersco



The K9 Mindset Academy

Ashlin is a passionate, dedicated and generous soul that I have had the pleasure of training alongside. Tucker and I participate in her Mind ya Biz! Pack Walks and Group Obedience Classes located in Abbotsford, BC. 

In 2019, Ashlin brought home her German Shepherd, Knox, who is reactive, and changed everything for her. She became obsessed with the behavioral aspect of dogs which is ultimately where she found her true passion - building relationships between owners and their dogs through dog training.

Ashlin has since completed online courses through multiple reputable trainers including Natalie Dobkins and Denise Fenzi, and have completed her Dog Obedience and Behavior Modification course through The Superior Canine School of Dog Training. She also holds her Certified Trick Dog Instructor certificate and can certify your trick training levels from Novice to Expert.

At K9MA, Ashlin believes that every dog learns differently. There is no one right way to train; There is no “one size fits all”. All her training programs are customized to work around your lifestyle, but more importantly, what is best for the dogs mental, physical and emotional health. 

Instagram: @thek9mindsetacademy

Auto Detailing


The Buff Lab

GET A LITTLE MUD ON THE TIRES... and a little dog fur on your seats.

The Buff Lab was founded with the belief that getting your vehicle dirty is just as important as keeping it clean.

Cody and Hailey are just like myself! They spend countless hours throughout the year exploring our beautiful British Columbian backcountry with their own dogs and have the best time getting their vehicles dirty! And while it’s a whole lot of fun, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as wiping the mud off, vacumming all the dog hair and making that machine shine again afterward.

Mobile detailing services offered throughout the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.

Instagram: @thebufflab



Jettsy's Naturals

A collection of natural bath & body products for you and your canine pets! Made in British Columbia, Canada. They started out creating products just for their own family before they became Jettsy Naturals.

The main goal was to make natural products that are better for us and better for our furry family members. Everything that they sell and promote, they use with their own family at home.

Instagram: @jettsynaturals


Raincoast K9

For everybody who reaches out asking about Tucker's patches on his training harness.. Raincoast K9 is where it's at!

It's always extremely helpful when training to have some patches on your dogs harness for a visual aspect for other humans and dogs to be aware of.

Need space? She has a patch for that.
In Training? She has a patch for that.
Is your dog an asshole? She has a patch for that.

Instagram: @raincoastk9


Threadz N Tails

Completely custom and gorgeously handmade dog coats!

For Christmas last year I had ordered a custom Fleeze Cozy for Tucker (pictured here) as I always like Tucker to be seen while on the trails in the dense forest. It fits like an glove and I can't wait to buy more :)

Threadz N Tails offers not just dog coats, but also waterproof rain jackets, UV Protection suits, dog blankets coats, resin dog tags, and much more!

Instagram: @threadzntails



Gibson's Gourmet Goodies

GGG's treats are homemade in small batches, using only natural and wholesome ingredients right in Abbotsford, BC.

Leanne is the human behind the brand and custom makes all our peanut-free treats for the doggos while we attend dog-friendly markets.

Instagram: @gibsonsgourmetgoodies
Facebook: @GibsonsGourmetGoodies


Thunder Bitez

Carly believes in all natural food and treats for pets. That’s why she created Thunder Bitez Treats to offer a single ingredient option for dogs. You can rest easy knowing your pup is getting the best quality with nothing added!

Instagram: @thunderbiteztreatco

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