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Looking for a Pack to Join?

... or perhaps you're like me and are always looking for new dogs to train with in a safe and structured environment? I personally know the struggles of finding the right people and dogs to train around once you've put the hours in and consulted with the right trainer for your needs. Perhaps you're new to hearing about pack walks and don't understand what they entail or what purpose they serve. Let this be your guide! and here's to creating new friendships, progressing in your training and building that bond with your dog in the outside world.

What can you learn from pack walks?

The things you can learn and the progress you could possibly make within a safe, inclusive and understanding pack are endless. From personal experience both as somebody who hosts structured pack walks and loves joining others pack walks, the right dogs and the right environment could give you that turning point you've been seeking and needing - without even knowing it!

I have put together a pack walk guide to make your searching and frustration finally come to an end. Many businesses listed in this guide, I have personally attended and have found helpful for Tucker and I. Check back regularly for more resources or reach out to me if you're looking to join a pack near you!

Pack walks provide a great space for:

  • Practicing neutrality around other dogs
  • Dog reactive dogs learning to be accepting of other dogs around
  • Providing structure in a distracted environment
  • Learning to be calm
  • Respecting other dogs spaces
  • Solidifying handler focus with distractions
  • Over-excitable dogs and teaching your dog patience
  • Learning how to advocate for your dog
  • Gain knowledge and resources from others joining
  • Creating friendships with like-minded individuals
  • Facing triggers as a group - there's always comfort in numbers
  • Experiencing real-life scenarios
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