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Raw Lamb Ear

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Benefits of Feeding Raw

Energy Boosting

Pets that are fed a raw diet tend to experience an increase in energy levels because a strong inclusion of meat, organs, and ground bone support lean muscles.

Cleaner Teeth

Raw treats help clean your dogs teeth, keep their gums healthy and prevent tartar buildup.

Healthier Skin & Fur

A raw diet contains natural, healthy essential fatty acids like omega-3 and 6, as well as key amino acids which also helps keep your dogs coat shiny.

Improved Immunity

Raw provides the amino acids needed to support a healthy gut, which we know is linked to healthy immunity.


Many pet owners report fewer allergy symptoms when feeding raw. Raw is free from artificial additives and preservatives that often trigger allergic reactions.

Happier Dogs

When dogs gnaw and lick, endorphins are released in their brain which helps to calm them and keep them happy.

Raw Treat Collection

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Davidson

My dog LOVED the lambs ear! It’s so nice to get some gear and add some fun treats too!

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