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Grab Tab/Safety Clip

Regular price $29.00
  • 5/8"
  • 3/4"
  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Brass

Customer Reviews

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The accessory you didn't know you needed.

This grab tab has soooo many uses! I love using it as a harness D ring extender when Finn is wearing a jacket! No more searching for the harness D ring under the jacket, just simply fish the grab tab through and you're good to go! It makes switching leashes super easy! I've also used it paired with a small grab handle to make a quick traffic leash, and have used it as a keychain as well!

many ways to use this!

1. Use it to secure your dogs collar to their leash to make taking your leash on and off easier (fluffy dogs, wiggly dogs etc). Leave the tab on the collar so you don’t have to dig around for the D ring leash connection.
2. Use it on harnesses under rain jackets so you can more easily put your leash on and off.
3. Attach it to your hiking backpack or fanny pack to hold toys and other things you like to bring with you that won’t fit in your bag, or that you need easy access for.
4. Use it as a keychain ring for your car/house keys.
5. The options are endless- grab tabs are the ultimate piece of equipment!

Super handy!

This is awesome for so many things! I use it to keep on Max’s harness when he’s off leash making it easy to grab him if I need and I use it as a backup when I have a prong on for peace of mind walking him!!

Alison Boons
Safe and Secure

Having had a collar break on us in the past, when I came across this safety clip I knew we had to have it. Clipped daily to her harness and collar gives us a little more reassurance that if she does have a reactive outburst, that even if the collar fails we are still connected, especially around busy streets, brings an ease into our daily walks that was never there before.

Can't say no to safety!

This grab tab or safety clip is extremely useful. We like to use on our harness when it is hiding under a rain jacket as it is difficult to get a hold of the clip. It is also useful to prevent escape artists from slipping their harness as it can be clipped on the collar as well.

When not in use, it is a great item as a keychain and more!

Kayla Harris
Extra Protection

We love this product as extra protection in the case that Lunas Prong collar somehow unclips while walking on the sidewalk. It allows me to not panic as much since when the roads are busy Luna can become anxious.

Don't leave home without one!

This little piece is a tool we using on the daily. We mostly use it to back up our dogs prong collar. We are big fans of added security and this gives us just that. We also use it when inside somewhere that we need to grab a hold of him quick instead of leaving a leash on him.

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