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Looking for a judgement-free, safe and inclusive group alongside a Professional Dog Trainer to put your training foundation to work? Join us Sunday, December 3rd at 10am for a Community Pack Walk!

Kimberly Lindsey (Reactive Dog Advocate, Hostess Extraordinaire, and Owner of Outbound Canine Co), Hannah Swain (Reactive Dog Advocate, Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Unleashed Dog Training and West Coast Paws Rescue) and Jayden Harris (Reactive Dog Advocate, Aspiring Dog Trainer, Professional Dog Walker and Owner of Happiness Unleashed) are all huge reactive dog advocates in their communities and love sharing their years of knowledge, education and experience. Scroll down to learn more about them!


A great space to work on:

  • Dog reactivity
  • Human reactivity
  • Puppy training
  • Solidifying and practicing neutrality
  • Over-excitement
  • Working through over-stimulation
  • Building your dogs confidence

Rules to follow within the Group

  • All dogs are to remain on leash at all times - NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Leashes to be no longer than 6' in length
  • NO nose-to-nose meetings between any dogs
  • No play between dogs
  • Space is given at all times
  • Muzzles are strongly recommended for dog reactive dogs
  • Aggressive dogs, dogs prone to repeated lunging and dogs with a bite history, are required to wear a muzzle
  • It is expected you already have a good foundation and understanding of your dog's body language, ques, triggers and thresholds before joining
  • This is a respectful group where training tools are accepted and used by maA

Step 1 - Sign our Waiver

Before signing up for our Community Pack Walk, you must have read our rules and policies in addition to a signed waiver. Community Pack Walk Waiver can be found here. Have questions? Feel free to reach out.

Step 2 - Sign up via our Website

Have your waiver filled out? Now you're ready to sign up and secure your spot in our Community Pack Walk. Sign up here!


Hannah Swain

Hannah is a Professional Dog Trainer and Owner of Unleashed Dog Training and West Coast Paws Rescue. She is unapologetically a positively balanced dog trainer with a passion for dog rescue, training, and rehabilitation. Her mission is to uphold a positively balanced approach to dog training in the REAL world with the goals to equip clients with the skills they need to unleash their dog’s true potential. Regardless of your dog’s background, becoming a handler that your dog respects requires patience, understanding, and training. Hannah wants to help her clients and their dogs live happy, fulfilled, and safe lives together. Providing judgement-free support for her clients is a top priority. Her philosophy is to always train the dog that is in front of her, after all, what works for one dog may not work for another.

Services Hannah offers and specializes in:

  • 1-on-1 training sessions
  • Puppy socialization and foundations training
  • Behavioural modification - specializing in reactivity
  • Functional obedience skills
  • E-collar training

Learn more about Hannah

Kimberly Lindsey

Kimberly is a Reactive Dog Advocate, Pack Walk Hostess Extraordinaire, and the Owner of Outbound Canine Co. She adopted her first dog Tucker at the age of 6 where soon after bringing him home, she noticed him starting to display aggressive behaviours. Owning a Pitbull mix in the first place comes with pre-judgement. You need a thick skin to own a bully breed no matter how they behave. The cherry on top, Tucker is also dog aggressive which is where our journey began. Through the years, Tucker has taken me out of my comfort zone where I've had to expand my knowledge on things such as management training, muzzle training, introducing tools, building engagement, creating a strong bond, the realities of life, and learning how to advocate for his space.

Learn more about Kimberly

Jayden Harris

Since 2017, Jayden has been providing top-notch care for furry-friends just like yours. With years of experience and a passion for animals, she's committed to ensuring your pet gets the love, attention and care they deserve. In 2020, Jayden decided to pursue her passion for pet care further and began dog walking. Since then, she has been committed to expanding her knowledge and staying up-to-date with the latest industry trends. She continues to take courses on pet care, animal behaviour, and other related topics to ensure she can provide the best possible care for her clients.​ Jayden is also an aspiring Dog Trainer and is currently shadowing Hannah during her training sessions.

Learn more about Jayden

Have Questions?

How much is it to participate?

The fee to participate is $25 per dog/handler duo. If you have a multi-dog household and want to sign up more than 1 dog, multiple sign ups will be needed (ALL dogs require at least 1 handler). Please note, we advise you sign up only if you can 100% commit as fees are non-refundable.

How many people will be joining?

We have a limit of 20 people we are allowing to participate and join. That number includes Jayden and Kimberly as they will be bringing their dogs.

Where will the walk be hosted?

We will be hosting this Community Pack Walk in Pitt Meadows. Pin location will be given closer to the date of the Walk and only to those who have signed up and will be participating.

Are you inclusive? Balanced or R+?

Absolutely we are! There is always a good mix of R+ and Balanced Owners who join our walks. We do not discriminate against how you choose to train your dog and what works for your dog.

How long is the walk?

The Walk will be roughly 1.5 hours long. In the beginning, Hannah will go over some tips and tricks involving homework to bring home to work on with your dog based on her specialties.

What if the walk is full?

If the walk is full, don't be discouraged! We will have a waitlist/cancellation list in case somebody cancels. Please reach out to either Kimberly, Hannah or Jayden to have your name on the cancellation list.

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