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Grab Handle

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  • 5/8"
  • 3/4"
  • Smaller
  • Standard
  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Brass

Customer Reviews

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Keela Wiebe
So handy!

Started using our grab handle on our puppy paired with her retractable leash, or longline as she’s not quite at the off leash stage yet. So perfect for when you are passing people or dogs and can have a good grip to keep your dog close and don’t have to rely on the retractable leash!


Great heavy material for a sturdy lead! Love

I always have this with me!

The grab handle is an absolute must for any off-leash adventure. It acts as another point of contact while your dog is off-leash, and acts like a mini-leash! It's definitely saved my butt many times.

Never walk without this

We use this on pretty much every offleash walk, and also use it on leashed sniffy walks to add a little extra length (and an extra traffic handle!) to our Outbound 8' multifunction leash. To do this you can either add an O ring on to your grab handle so a regular leash can clip on OR customize your Outbound leash with carabiners so you can clip your leash directly on to the grab handle. I've ordered 2 so far :)

Alison Boons
Perfect handle!

Such a great tool to have when I need to quickly grab a hold of her and turn directions or pull her away from something! Proud to say that she is almost fully decked out in outbound gear!

Brooklyne Pipke
My go to

We do a lot of off leash activities whether it be hiking, swimming at the dyke or simply running around a park and it’s so convenient to just leave the handle on and have it there ready & attached for whatever the reason of recall might be! Absolutely love and would recommend.

Kayla Harris
Last case scenario

Amazing to have as a backup tool to quickly grab Luna via her harness or backpack if we notice something while we are out on our adventures.

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