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Berkley Tab

Regular price $28.00
  • Stainless Steel
  • Solid Brass

Customer Reviews

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Basically an extension cord

I use the Berkley tab in many ways. You wouldn't think such a small item would be so useful, but it truly is.

1) I use this to clip to my dog's harness when he's wearing rain jacket, so it pokes out for easy leashing up. You no longer have to dig for the harness clip.

2) I walk my dog on collar, and this acts like an extension cord on his collar. My dog is somewhat fluffy, so the collar gets lost in his fur. This dangles, making it easier to leash up whenever dogs are around.

Easy access to your dog!

This tab is super handy for those who know the pain of digging around for your dog's harness under a jacket. It's the perfect size where it doesn't flop around, but will allow you to leash your dog easily. It's also great for fluffy dogs whose floof drowns out access points to collars and harnesses.

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